Forget about the chores to get smoke flavor, Just put this on your grill and enjoy the wood smoke flavor of your choice!

Ití»s easy! Ití»s handy! And ití»s great for your gas or charcoal grill with chips already inside!

Available in Mesquite or Hickory now. Oak and Apple coming soon.

  Important         :
Gas Grills        :
Charcoal Grills :

Remove plastic wrapper and this label before using.
Place chip tray on lava rocks or cooking grid.
Place unwrapped tray on cooking grate over the hottest part of live coals. Tray will begin to smoke in about 3 to 7 minutes. When the chip tray begins to smoke, this is the time to start grilling. Close cover of the grill. Keep grill lid closed for maximum flavor enhancement. REMEMBER! IT IS THE SMOKE THAT GIVES YOU THE FLAVOR! The longer you smoke, the more wood flavor your food will have. Trays should last 2 hours, depending on how hot your fire is. Once the tray is placed on a hot barbecue, never touch tray with your bare hands. Always use tongs to move your tray.